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Established in 1984 as SANE JEN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. We are a professional manufacturer in folding wire containers, trolley, folding storage shelves, stacking frames, metal pallet, wire display shelves, wire decking, wire basket, wire netting, etc. All of them are applicable to logistically use, such as Wire Storage Shelves / Basket Shelves / Mesh Decking, Warehouse Storage and Supermarket. Most of our products are made of iron wire, steel tubes, steel plate and stainless steel in which the products can be perfectly sturdy and get reasonable price.

Feel free to place your order in OEM or ODM requirements.

* Folding wire containers, folding storage shelf, stacking frame are good for Storage and Transportation of plastic bottles, plastic caps, automobiles' parts, motorcycles' parts, electrical appliances, mechanical hardware, furniture parts and accessories, agricultural product ( onion, corn, garlic, potato, maize, rice, corn ) ... etc.
Several layers' stacking maximize the space of warehouse efficiently.
* Trolley makes the transportation of cargoes productively.
* Wire Shelf displays your products vividly.

Our core Value : Integrity, Trustworthiness, High-Quality Supply and satisfying Service.
Quality Policy : R&D, Innovation and Persistence. With a sturdy quality control & cooperation with Japanese customers in technology.
Minimum Order Quantity : One 20ft container per shipment.
Delivery Port : Any port in Taiwan or Shanghai port in China.
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Our products

Year Established:1984

Number of Total Employees:30

Brand Name:Sane Jen

Total Annual Sales (USD):3-5 million

Export Percentage:30%

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Design and Research Services



Trading Company

Export Market


The Middle East



Asia (Except China)

North America

Central & South America

Australia/New Zealand

Competitive Advantages

We are a professional Warehouse Storage & Logistics Transportation and Supermarket equipment products manufacturer in Taiwan for almost 30 years, providing different products for various industries.

Product Range:

-Foldable, Collapsible wire containers


-Storage shelves

-Stacking frames

-Metal pallet

-Wire display shelves

-Wire decking

-Wire basket

-Wire netting… etc.

Most of our products are made of iron wire, steel tubes, plate and stainless steel.

We mainly serve in OEM, ODM and export to the customers all over the world and have also gained reputation especially in Japan.

Product Advantage:

* Foldable containers or other products are suitable for storage and transportation of plastic bottles, caps, auto, motorcycles, electrical, mechanical, furniture parts and accessories, Fruits and Vegetables ... etc.

* Trolley makes cargo transportation efficiently.

* Wire Shelf is suitable for any product display.

MOQ: One 20''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''ft container per shipment.

Delivery: From any port in Taiwan, or from Shanghai port in China.

Feel free to send us if you have any inquiry anytime.

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We are confident we can serve and provide you with satisfying offer!


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